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Children are our community's most precious commodity.  They will become society's future.  We are concerned for the welfare of today's children and their families.  When children are mentally healthy it shows in their behavior and their family's response.


Our philosophy is that children are not sick, only discouraged!  It shows in their behavior, and there is a purpose for it.  Often it is thought that the child's behavior is the problem.  We believe that the child's behavior is the child's solution to the problem.  Our therapy sessions are based on this premise. 


We help children who may feel depressed or anxious about their life.  We address issues of a child's need for attention, power, revenge, or withdrawal.


We focus on the child's strengths and encourage their need to connect with others, to know that they count and are capable, and to have courage to try new behaviors.


Some of the issues we cover:


ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)         

ODD (oppositional defiant disorder)

Childhood depression

Childhood anxiety disorders


Addictions (video games, telephones)



Christian counseling is available to those who desire it.


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